Student Leadership

Today’s blog comes from two of our senior prefects who attended an important event last week. Thanks to Emily Beasley and Amelia Williams for giving us this update.

On Monday the 21st January we went to the Annual Youth Forum held in the Maes Manor Hotel in Blackwood. It was a great experience that we were happy to take part in as it enabled our voices to be heard. We were put into “the greener group” in which we discussed four topics. These were climate change, bins, outdoor spaces and one other. We discussed these topics before individually voting for the one that we thought was most important to us. There were four other groups that discussed 4 other topics, for example, the ‘Healthier Wales’ group discussed mental health and period poverty. The group leaders all switched and explained their topics to all the other groups. Eventually, we had voted for one topic from each group. These were compiled together to create a ballot. The ballot included the most popular issue from each group. We voted and placed our papers in a locked box. The ballot will now be spread across Welsh Schools to allow everybody to have a say. Our school is hosting the ballot on the 29th of January at lunch time in the PA. The issue with the most votes will become the project for the year and massive changes will be put in place to help resolve the problem. 

We thoroughly enjoyed our day at Maes Manor, everybody was friendly and welcoming (and the food was good!) We revelled in the chance to give our input and have a say in subjects that really affect us. 

Talking of the prefects, we had a meeting on Wednesday when I was able to receive feedback from the latest School Council meeting which was very helpful. We also looked at the EAS (Education Achievement Service) business plan and were able to pass on our views to them  via an online form. Earlier in the week, as mentioned above, all pupils had the opportunity to vote on the topic then wanted to be discussed at the Caerphilly Youth Parliament. It is really important that pupil voice is heard, and we do try to facilitate this as much as we can here at RCCS. Not only do we have leadership from the School Council and prefects, we have sports leaders, language ambassadors, digital leaders, eco club, and the mental health team. Soon we will have our house system up and running and there’ll be leadership posts there, too. If anyone else feels they have a leadership role to offer, please do let me know.



ASSEMBLY:  Lead Teacher, ICTscreen shot 2019-01-29 at 11.39.53




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