First week back.

Just  a short blog today, there’ll be more next week, and the attendance competition also returns next Friday.

We had a staff training day on Monday and pupils returned on Tuesday. Many pupils from Y10 hit the ground running with an intensive day of study prior to the English Literature GCSE exam on the following day. I believe it was a fair paper and we now await the results in March. Good luck!

I wonder if the people who invented Lego had any idea of the uses it would be put to years down the line? It is so much more than a toy! It’s used by engineering students at Universities, by designers, architects and builders. It is also used to assist in modelling computer programs, and Mr Hare has been working with pupils on this- see the tweet of the week below. More in future blogs.

Today we have had the Y11 photo! This was my tenth photo as headteacher of RCCS. I always encourage people to buy these photos as a memento, as it can be fun to look back at them when you are older. When I was at school these photos were black and white, and taken with a camera that panned down the line- there was often a pupil who ran from one end of the group to the other and so appeared at both ends of the final photo! Nowadays the photos are done in sections and are ‘stitched’ together. The photos are a good indicator of how the school has changed, too. Our smallest Y11 group was under 80, this year we have more than 130 in our cohort.



screen shot 2019-01-11 at 10.12.20


screen shot 2019-01-11 at 08.55.19



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