Summer half term!

No blog this week as it’s half term, but here’s everything ready for when we come back on 5th June. Maybe you can work out the Maths/Darts question in the “Number of the Week” section, or challenge yourself to learn the terminology for biological classification when you have a spare moment over the holiday!

I hope everyone has a good break and Y11 make that final effort with their exam revision! You continue to impress me with your attitude… keep it up right to the end!


ASSEMBLY: No Assemblies (exams)



NUMBER OF THE WEEK: “60 / sixty / chwe deg / soixante / LX” There are sixty seconds in a minute and sixty minutes in an hour- we have never moved to a decimal time system, retaining what is called the ‘babylonian’ system for telling the time. Sixty is the highest score with a single dart, (treble twenty) and the best possible finish from 501 is in nine darts, one way out being 7 x treble twenties followed by a treble 19 then a double 12. Can you find other ways- and can you show this in Mathematical notation?


WELSH WORD OF THE WEEK: teulu : family

ENGLISH WORD OF THE WEEK:  family : apart from the way we normally use this word it has a precise definition in biological classification. Family sits between order and genus. For the human being, the class is mammals, the order is primates, family is hominidae, genus is homo and species is homo sapiens.


THIS WEEK’S QUOTATION: “Home is where the heart is”  – Proverb

TRIVIA OF THE WEEK: Former Liberian president Charles King won the 1927 election with 234,000 votes. At the time there were only 15,000 registered voters in the country!

WEBSITE OF THE WEEK: The official website of the UK Parliament.


Today we observed a minute’s silence in school to remember the victims of the terrible attack in Manchester on Monday.
25 May 2017, 11:32

Top Ten Exam Tips!

Exams started in earnest this week! It is a stressful time for everyone, but the best way of reducing stress is to be well prepared. As well as knowing what to expect on the paper and being sure of what and how to revise, it always helps to know how to tackle the exam itself on the day, and here are our top ten tips for how to do just that! And a couple of years ago I wrote a blog about how to cope when an exam has gone badly. I hope no-one needs it, but if you do, it’s here.

Congratulations to Josh in Y10 on achieving a merit in his Grade 5 bass guitar exam! And well done too to Amy in Y9 who won gold medals in long jump, high jump and javelin at the Welsh athletics championships in Brecon last weekend. And to Millie who came sixth in the British Acrobatic Gymnastics championships! Fantastic achievements! 

The names for the chicks-soon-to-be-chickens have finally been chosen! We had over one hundred suggestions and these nine have come out as most popular: Yoko, Cyw, Duster, Elmo, Twitter, Heulwen, Nugget, Bubble and Squeak! I think Yoko is my favourite name!IMG_3443

We are already planning for next year, and have published draft versions of our calendar overview and the dates for reports and parents’ evenings. These have been posted on our social media feeds, Facebook and Twitter, and on the school website. On the school website you can also find a number of FAQ sheets- frequently asked questions- which cover things from musical instrument lessons to how we manage break and lunchtimes. All this can be found under the parent tab.

You may have seen on the news that the Welsh Assembly has agreed a bill which makes smoking illegal on school sites and similar places, and this is not just inside buildings but outside as well. This has been a bye-law in CCBC schools for some time as you would expect, but this new legislation brings extra force, and is to be welcomed.

Next week we are interviewing candidates who have applied to be prefects. I was impressed with the thirty plus applications we received, they were very professional. 

On Thursday Mr Harris and I took 10 representatives from Y8 on a visit to our Business Partner, DS Smith. We had a fascinating presentation and a great tour of the factory. It was useful to see how much of what we learn in school translates to the working environment. Not just the obvious things like Maths and English, but also social skills and understanding how our interactions with other people are so important. In June all Y8 will be involved in the project when DS Smith come back into school to do workshops after half term.

Screen Shot 2017-05-19 at 08.57.14

The winner of the Risca 40th Anniversary Essay competition has been chosen. From a fantastic field of entries which was pruned down to five finalists, Megan Balmont of Y10 has emerged the winner. All five judges were unanimous, and Megan will have her essay placed in the Time Capsule which is to be buried on 23rd June. It was a great piece of imaginative writing. When the Time Capsule is opened in 2077 I wonder what the reaction will be and how near her futuristic vision will be to the truth? I hope Megan will be there to see it- she will be 75 years old then!

Screen Shot 2017-05-19 at 08.22.32


ASSEMBLY: No Assemblies (exams)


NUMERACY FOCUS: Fractions / Decimals / Percentages

NUMBER OF THE WEEK: “6 / six / chwech / six / VI” Six is the smallest positive integer which is neither a square number nor a prime number. The cells of a beehive are 6-sided. Insects have 6 legs.

WELSH WORD OF THE WEEK: hydras  : confident

ENGLISH WORD OF THE WEEK:  self-esteem : confidence in one’s own worth or abilities; self-respect.

THIS WEEK’S QUOTATION: “You yourself, as much as anybody in the entire universe, deserve your love and affection”  – Buddha

TRIVIA OF THE WEEK: Candidate, meaning somebody wanting to be elected or selected for a job or role, such as an MP, comes from the Latin word for white, as Roman candidates for the Senate wore a white toga.



Good luck to my awesome year group for the start of their exams! A couple more weeks of hard work and then we can celebrate @RiscaCCS prom!
14 May 2017, 21:42

WEBSITE OF THE WEEK: The official website of the UK Parliament.

Planning the anniversary!

Well done to ALL our athletes who competed in the districts on Monday! Here are the top performers on the day, congratulations to them:-

Charlie Regan (Yr 10)- Triple Jump (County Champion 1st in Triple Jump jumping 11.00m)

Mason Rogers (Yr 9)- Long Jump (County Champion 1st In Long Jump jumping 5.08m)

Amy Jenkins (Yr 9) – High Jump (County Champion 1st in High Jump jumping 1.50m); Javelin 2nd throwing 27.06m

Natalie Frascina (Yr 10) – 2nd in 100m (12.85s); 4th in the High Jump; 4th in Long Jump

Cerys Jones (Yr 10) – 2nd in 800m (02.34.00s); 3rd in 300m; awaiting result in the Long Jump.

We are making plans for the 23rd June which is to be a day of celebration for our 40th Anniversary. Lessons before break will be taught in a 1970s style- so no ICT will be used, and we hope some of our teachers will be able to get hold of some of the resources used in classrooms forty years ago. We certainly won’t be embracing all the characteristics of the school system at that time though, so there’ll be no chalk board rubbers flying through the air (you might need to have been around in the 1970s to understand that reference, some older readers may still have the scars to prove it!) None of the current staff were teaching in the 70s, but a few of us, myself included, were pupils at that time, so we have some first hand experience!

Lots is planned for after break, and at 2pm there will be a formal ceremony when the Time Capsule is to be placed in a special plinth in the quad by the Guest of Honour, Jamie Baulch. There will of course be pupil representation at this event. More information will follow over the next few weeks.

A former pupil who is involved in the Anniversary Choir gave Mr Heron a copy of an article about the Queen’s visit in June 1977 from the popular magazine, Woman. It is fascinating reading and you can access it here. The quality isn’t great as it is a scan- no hyperlinks to internet pages in those days- but it is readable!

On Wednesday I saw a couple of the Dragons’ Den pitches by Y10 for their Welsh Bac. The groups have been researching, designing and marketing products for our 40th Anniversary as part of the qualification. The ones I saw were excellent; I am just sorry I was unable to see all the presentations.

That afternoon senior colleagues and I looked in detail at the work of a group of Y8 pupils. We prefer to look at samples of work with the pupil present rather than just look at the books, that way we can have a better understanding of the context. We were impressed by the quality of work and progress being made. Well done Y8!

On Thursday we were joined by the Manager and Design Manager of DS Smith our Business Class partners. They spoke with a group of Y8 pupils about the company and next Thursday we will be visiting their plant in Crumlin. More in next week’s blog.

Over 100 names have been submitted as suggestions for names for the Risca poultry! It is interesting how people’s minds work! Many of the names- like ‘Fluffy’ for example!- may be suitable for baby chicks, but not so much for the adult chickens that they will soon become! Lots of the suggestions are culinary in nature! We’ll decide on the names next week.

A slightly more important decision is the selection of prefects from current Y10 and the deadline for applications passed at noon today. Interviews will hopefully be scheduled for before half term.

GCSE exams start in earnest next week with RE for Y10 and 11 on Monday, and French, Drama, ICT, Science and PE also taking place for Y11. Good luck to all our students, you need to keep working hard right up to the exams, it all makes a difference.File 11-05-2017, 18 58 35

Screen Shot 2017-05-11 at 15.55.58


ASSEMBLY: No Assemblies (exams)


NUMERACY FOCUS: Fractions / Decimals / Percentages

NUMBER OF THE WEEK: “15 / fifteen / un deg pump / quinze / XV”   In tennis the number 15 represents the first point gained in a game. This is the sequence; 0 (love); 15; 30; 40; game. If the score reaches ’40 all’ this is referred to as ‘deuce” and a player then needs two consecutive points to win the game. (INTERESTING EXTRA TRIVIA! “love” meaning zero in tennis probably comes from the French word for egg, l’œuf, which of course is the same shape as ‘0’)

WELSH WORD OF THE WEEK: diogel  : safe, secure. (The word for the strong cabinet used to store valuables is ‘sêff’)

ENGLISH WORD OF THE WEEK:  safe :  as an adjective this means not exposed to danger; secure; free from harm. As a noun it means a a strong fireproof cabinet with a complex lock, used for the storage of valuables. It is also a good example of how language changes, as the word is now used as an adjective to mean anything positive or pleasing to the speaker. This has only been the case in recent years and is still restricted to informal usage.

THIS WEEK’S QUOTATION: “Better safe than sorry”  –  Anonymous 

TRIVIA OF THE WEEK: Women in Britain aged over 30 voted for the first time in a general election on December 14, 1918. The UK general election of 1918 was called immediately after the Armistice with Germany which ended World War I, and  was the first general election to be held on a single day. The count did not take place until December 28th due to the time taken to transport votes from soldiers serving overseas.


Y11! Keep working hard and this is you in August! 10 May 2017, 20:06Screen Shot 2017-05-11 at 16.11.41

WEBSITE OF THE WEEK: The official website of the UK Parliament.

A very special guest!

I am delighted to confirm that Casey Baxter from our school has won the annual Islwyn Essay Competition, and she will be collecting her prize next month during a formal visit to the Guildhall in London. Very well done, Casey, we are all very proud of you! I haven’t had a chance to read the winning story yet but I am really looking forward to doing so.

Talking of essays I have now received the entries from five finalists in the Risca 40th Anniversary Essay competition. I can’t tell you who they are… because I don’t know! They have been anonymised for the judges. Five of us will be choosing our favourite one, and the overall winner will have his or her story put in the Time Capsule. The other judges are Nicole Garnon, the editor of the Argus newspaper, Chris Evans, our MP (though strictly speaking I believe he is not the MP at the moment since Parliament was dissolved this week), Keri Cole the Chief Education Officer and our former deputy headteacher David Parker.

Over the weekend we had confirmation that former Risca Comprehensive student Jamie Baulch will be the special guest at our day of celebration on 23rd June when, amongst other things, the time capsule will be buried. Jamie is an inspiration to our school, and I am delighted he will be joining us. Following a hugely successful career in athletics as a world champion and Olympic silver medalist, Jamie has worked as a TV presenter and also done a huge amount for charity. Most recently he has been seen on television researching his family. He shows all of us what can be achieved by a young person from Risca, as I put together in this picture tweet earlier in the week.

Screen Shot 2017-05-04 at 10.14.11Next week the Anniversary Wishes board will be completed- this will display the messages we have received from various people to wish us well for our anniversary year.

As mentioned in last week’s blog, our chicks have really captured everyone’s imagination. They are being kept nice and warm in Miss Lewis’ 7A classroom at the moment- but not running free, I hasten to add! Here’s a write up from two of the pupils, a big thank you to Callum and Eva for helping me with this week’s blog!

It was Monday 24th April when the chicks arrived with 12 eggs in the incubator. By Wednesday, three chicks had cracked through their eggs. They hatched quickly in school but had been incubating before.

We had to keep the temperature between 37-38 °C and fill the incubator tray with water to keep the conditions for growth right.

By day two, one egg was ‘pipping’ which meant it started to bounce up and down and tweet from inside the shell. By day three, a crack had appeared in one egg and the teachers were calling Ms Lewis ‘Mother Hen!’

One of the eggs hatched at 1.55pm and was a boy, he laid in the egg for quite a while though lifted his wing, then he started lifting his head but was still weak. After about ten minutes then he started gaining energy and got up and started to move around and tweeting.

Next morning, when we came into registration ten eggs had hatched overnight, two boys and eight girls. One egg was left to hatch. Five were put into a brooding box while the others kept the other egg company. They would fall asleep and wake up every minute and it was hilarious to watch!

The chicks have grown very quickly. They are now large enough to go into an indoor run. Next week they may have their first time outside too.

We have all held the chicks and our class has had loads of visitors. We have thoroughly enjoyed the experience.

By Eva Morris and Callum Martin 7A

Finally, I was delighted to hear that ten of our athletes qualified from the Islwyn Athletics meeting on Thursday and they’ll go forward to the wider district competition. Well done to everyone who took part!



ASSEMBLY: No Assemblies (exams)

LITERACY FOCUS: Listing commas


NUMBER OF THE WEEK: “10/ ten / deg / dix / X” Our counting system is based on the number ten, it is presumed this is because we have ten digits (fingers and thumbs) on our hands. This is called a decimal system. 

WELSH PHRASE OF THE WEEK: I hope…  : I yn gobeithio…

ENGLISH WORD OF THE WEEK: aspiration : a hope or ambition of achieving something.

THIS WEEK’S QUOTATION: “Every great dream begins with a dreamer. Always remember, you have within you the strength, the patience, and the passion to reach for the stars to change the world.”  –  Harriet Tubman

TRIVIA OF THE WEEK: Although the official guidance is to place an “x” in the square next to the name of the candidate you wish to vote for in a General Election in the UK, you can cast your vote with a tick, a number,  or maybe even an emoji! The Electoral Commission says papers will not be voided, and will go toward the final count as long as “the voter’s intention is clear on a ballot paper.” But it’s probably best to stay safe and stick with the traditional “x”!


Very proud of all the athletes today! 10 @RiscaCCS pupils making it through to the next round #daiawn
4 May 2017, 18:17

WEBSITE OF THE WEEK: The official website of the UK Parliament.

Spring chickens!

I heard great news about two of our pupils over Easter. Millie Jackson in Y9 won an individual and a team gold medal for her performance in Acrobatic Gymnastics in the Celtic Cup- she goes on to the British championships later in the summer. Then Cerys Jones from Y10 played for the winning national Wales football team at both U15 and U17 level. On Wednesday I also found out that Davina Moore and former pupil Georgia Marsh have been selected to play U18 rugby in the big East v West match this weekend. Then on Thursday Mrs Coles told me that Olivia, Jess and Lizzie in Year 8 have been selected for the South East Wales development netball squad! I also found out that evening that Cadie Baldwin in Y11 will be playing for the SE Wales Performance Training Centre netball team against Powys on Saturday. These are great achievements and we are very proud of these girls. This is only the beginning of their sporting careers, and we will hear lots more in the future, I am sure. By the way, I am conscious I can sometimes miss people out of the blog who have achieved amazing things; if this happens, please do tell me so I can put it right in the next blog!

I won a book token over the summer in an Easter competition organised by our local library in Risca. I have decided to donate this to a pupil in a blog competition- we haven’t done one of those for a long time! So the first person (it must be a current pupil at the school) who tells me (whether by word of mouth or any other means like Twitter) where the hidden book title is later on in this blog will win it! It’s a very famous book written in the last century by a very well known British author. (Clue- it is not capitalised in this blog, but it is when written as the book title, and it’s two distinct words. Easy!)

Some of our students spent several days in the United States over the Easter break. They had a brilliant time! Thank you to Mrs Weston for running this great trip again. Here are the thoughts of one of the participants, Lennon Boyle from Y10:

America. Where do I begin? All the amazing and wonderful sights, they will never leave my head! From the sentimental museums to the highest skyscrapers. It had it all! If you really wanted to, you could travel the world just by visiting America! I cannot put into words how great Washington, Philadelphia and New York were. Seeing all the sights of Washington, shopping in Philadelphia and everything else in New York. A real holiday and learning experience, that I would certainly do again!

Term began on Monday 24th April, and some of our Y11 spent the day at a revision conference in Cardiff. This was a useful event and part of the extensive revision programme we are providing our students this year. The exams are very, very close now!


I was apprehensive on Monday as we were starting a new canteen payment system, but all seemed to go smoothly- a credit to everyone involved in setting it up. The big benefit of this is that it provides parents with the option to pay on line and I’d encourage them to do so. However, it is still possible to pay using the cash machines, and they accept the new coins and notes, too!

I was sorry to learn on Tuesday that we are losing one of our instrumental music teachers. Colin Rees has been teaching brass here since the 1990s and is moving up to a promoted post in Gwent Music Services. Congratulations to him, but this is a big loss to the school. Thanks for your teaching and inspiration to so many of our pupils over the years. Here’s Colin on the right playing trumpet at one of our St David’s Day Concerts in Risca Park a few years ago, and you might even recognise some of the other student players, though they’re all a lot older now!

Screen Shot 2017-04-27 at 16.27.21

Spurred on by stories of the old days when this school was renowned for its animal farm, we have decided to bring back the tradition. We’re starting small with a few chickens, and the first few hatched on Wednesday afternoon. They are just a few hours old in this short video clip.

It’s that time of year again and we’re looking for prefects from current Y10. I am looking forward to reading the applications!

Prefect Advert 2017Yesterday (Thursday) we presented a cheque to the value of £425 to Blood Bikes Wales. These are the people who transport urgent medical supplies across Wales and indeed England by motorbike. The funds had been raised by the pupils in our ASD Centre through selling wooden Christmas Trees. I am really proud of their efforts! Well done all of you!


Don’t forget Monday is a Bank Holiday, so school starts again on the Tuesday. Enjoy the long weekend. For Y11 it’s an extra day of revision, you’ll have plenty of time for holidays after the exams are over in June!

(Oh, and by the way, if you’ve read through the blog and not seen the book title yet, you’ll need to read it again! Maybe the paragraph about the chicks needs a second look! And I am sorry, but we have had a winner already and the prize has been claimed!)

Screen Shot 2017-04-27 at 15.39.28

THEME FOR THE WEEK: Examinations and Tests

ASSEMBLY: Assistant Headteacher, Mr Coombes

LITERACY FOCUS: Listing commas


NUMBER OF THE WEEK: “100 / one hundred / cant / cent / C” Percent just means ‘per one hundred,’ a percentage figure is a number shown as a fraction of 100. It makes comparison easier.

Which is bigger? 267 out of 318 or 391 out of 537? It’s hard to say, but easier when you know the first is 84% and the second is just 73%.

Would you say 20% was a good test score? Most people would say no without even thinking… but that may not be the case. It depends on the test!

WELSH WORD OF THE WEEK: arholiad : exam

ENGLISH WORD OF THE WEEK: industrious : hard-working

THIS WEEK’S QUOTATION: “When angry, count to ten before you speak. If very angry, count to one hundred.”  Thomas Jefferson

TRIVIA OF THE WEEK: 80% of all life on Earth is found in the ocean.


Amazing how a project can engage all of us, young & old, staff & pupils. We went straight from SLT tonight to check up on our new arrivals!
26 Apr 2017, 22:06

WEBSITE OF THE WEEK: On-line percentage calculator

Nearly Easter…!

Last Friday some of our girls took part in an indoor cricket tournament. They have been training for a few weeks now and have developed some impressive skills. Cricket is an excellent game for fostering teamwork and developing individual talents, and happens to be my favourite sport (and one of the few I was any good at!) so I am really pleased to see this involvement!Screen Shot 2017-03-29 at 12.56.32

Congratulations to Millie in Y9 who achieved a gold medal at the acro-gymnastics Welsh Championship in Cardiff last Saturday and who will now compete at the British finals in May! Very well done indeed!

And well done too to Eric, also in Y9, who was joint winner of the Caerphilly Young Musician competition in the Class A piano category! A fantastic achievement!

Next week is the annual Risca Dance Festival! This is always a highlight of the school year involving children from RCCS as well as our feeder primary schools, and it seems to get better each time so I am really looking forward to it! Tickets are available from school reception.

Year Eleven are now only weeks away from their exams. We have made several changes in the curriculum to ensure they are supported and encouraged from now until that final GCSE, both on the pastoral and academic side. As I said last week, lots of support is available on the website, and we are also involved in some Easter revision sessions which I know will prove very useful indeed. There is also a breakfast club and after school sessions planned in a number of subjects and we expect pupils to attend as directed!

In Art, Mrs Taylor has been working on a project with Year 10 entitled “Food,  Glorious Food” . The students have had to produce a number of pages of cakes, biscuits and fruit as well as their favourite foods to eat. Two of the students, Harriet  and Eve’s work was so impressive that Mrs Taylor emailed photos of pages from their sketch books to well known American artist Carol Marine and  local Welsh artist Tom Hovey, famed for his amazing illustrations on the  Great British Bake Off. Both artists responded immediately with high praise and gave some really valuable advice for the two budding artists!  Tom Hovey himself knows Risca really well and spent many a birthday when he was young at Risca Leisure centre! Mrs Taylor is very much looking forward to showcasing the talents of many other of the year 10 GCSE students in the whole school exhibition later this year.

A reminder that next Friday we are having a non-uniform day to raise money for St David’s Hospice.

This will be the last blog of the term so I’d like to wish everyone a very Happy Easter and hope you have a good, relaxing break… not too relaxing for Y11, though!


THEME FOR THE WEEK: Spring and New Life

ASSEMBLY: No assemblies due to examinations

LITERACY FOCUS: Joining commas

NUMERACY FOCUS: Fractions of an amount

NUMBER OF THE WEEK: “9 / nine / naw / neuf / IX” Beethoven wrote nine symphonies. The phrase to ‘be on cloud nine’ means to be very happy. There are nine players on a rounders team, and on a baseball team


ENGLISH WORD OF THE WEEK: vernal : of or pertaining to Spring

THIS WEEK’S QUOTATION: “You can cut all the flowers but you cannot keep the Spring from coming.” –Pablo Neruda

TRIVIA OF THE WEEK: The reason there is more daylight during the spring is the earth’s axis tilts toward the sun at this time of year.


Dance Festival Thursday 6th April 5pm-7pm! Tickets available from reception!
29/03/2017, 20:20

WEBSITE OF THE WEEK: All about Easter– customs and traditions!

A trip to the Principality Stadium!

Mrs Coles and I took a small group of Y11 to the Principality Stadium on Tuesday. This was part of the ‘Reach for the Sky’ project with former Welsh rugby international, Ian Gough. We all enjoyed the visit and Ian was extremely motivational and gave some great advice about preparing for the GCSEs. You can see the photos in this Flickr album! It was great to see behind the scenes- I was especially interested in the press room (see above photo), having watched some very interesting interviews taking place there on the TV!Aidan

Congratulations to Cerys  in Y10 who has been selected for the Welsh national football squad playing in Dublin in April. And well done to Aidan in Y7 who has won yet another belt in kick boxing!

The GCSE art students have been taking their exam this week and I have been impressed by the work they’re producing. We have some very good artists across the whole school and I know Mrs Taylor has been sharing some of their work with some rather well known people who have been very impressed… More of this in a later blog!

On Tuesday we welcomed back ‘Technocamps’ who returned to deliver a workshop using Greenfoot Java based programming. We have been lucky enough to have worked with Technocamps for a number of years now to inspire, motivate and engage our youngsters with computational thinking and promote computer science. The sessions were very interactive and the pupils increased their skills in a key area in preparation for their GCSE onscreen tasks. The Year 11 and Year 9 pupils rose to the challenge and had created a functional game by the end of the session.

We have been delving through the school archives with the help of former staff members Lesley Rees and Sue Blakemore, and have unearthed some interesting stories, some of which will no doubt feature in our anniversary history book. At one time there used to be several animals on the school site, certainly chickens and goats, and one or two others I think, looked after by a teacher many of you will remember, Allan Parfitt. Parf is coming in to chat with our historian in a couple of weeks- he will be a mine of information!

Screen Shot 2017-03-23 at 13.08.22Enthused by this we are looking to get some chickens here again, and I’ll keep you updated with where we are over the next few weeks. We hope to see the birds from incubation to hatching, and then to providing us with eggs to sell to pay their keep! We have an ideal spot on our allotment earmarked for the project! Watch this space!


Screen Shot 2017-03-23 at 13.00.14

The Four Doctors 1963-1981

Finally this week, we’ve made contact with all the previous headteachers of the school, and all four of us will be present at the Fortieth Anniversary Concert on 30th June-it’s going to be like one of those Dr Who episodes with four incarnations coming together for the first time! So Mr McKie, Miss Millichamp, Mrs Kingston and myself will all be there. Mr Heron has been working incredibly hard on this event and I am really looking forward to it.

Screen Shot 2017-03-23 at 16.12.42


ASSEMBLY: Assistant Headteacher (No Assembly on Monday for Y11)

LITERACY FOCUS: Joining commas

NUMERACY FOCUS: Fractions of an amount

NUMBER OF THE WEEK: “35 / thirty-five / tri deg pump / trente-cinq / XXXV” 35 mm film is the basic film gauge most commonly used for both analog photography and motion pictures. 35 is the minimum age of candidates for election to the United States or Irish Presidency.

WELSH WORD OF THE WEEK: cryf: strong

ENGLISH WORD OF THE WEEK: fortitude : strength, resilience

THIS WEEK’S QUOTATION: “Only those who dare to fail greatly, can ever achieve greatly.” Robert F. Kennedy

TRIVIA OF THE WEEK: The name Easter derived its name from the Anglo-Saxon goddess Eastre. Easter always falls between March 22 and April 25


Huge thanks to Rich @Technocamps for the Greenfoot workshop today. Some fab programming skills displayed by pupils in years 9-11.
21/03/2017, 21:36

WEBSITE OF THE WEEK: Advice to young people who may be upset by the news, from the BBC Newsround website